Relentless Church: A Study of Acts

8/28/16 - Engaging with Culture 8/28/16 - Engaging with Culture Paul runs for his life (again) and ends up in Athens. It's here that he brings Christ into the philosophical center of the Roman world.
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8/21/16 - Living on Purpose 8/21/16 - Living on Purpose Driven by a mission, Directed by the Holy Spirit, and Not distracted by circumstances. We learn from Paul's journey how to live a life of purpose.
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8/7/16 - When separation happens 8/7/16 - When separation happens Two church leaders disagree and move in different directions.
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7/31/16 - Grace and Unity define the church 7/31/16 - Grace and Unity define the church The churches of Antioch and Jerusalem choose grace and unity when false teachers become divisive.
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7/24/16 - They are not gods 7/24/16 - They are not gods Paul and Barnabas go from being worshiped to nearly being killed. Talk about a bad day...
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7/17/16 - Grace changes everything 7/17/16 - Grace changes everything Paul speaks to a group of people who have never heard of Jesus and didn't know what grace was. Their lives would never be the same.
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