Discovering Real Life

5/15/16 - Conclusion 5/15/16 - Conclusion Pay attention to God when you're young because it gets harder to deal with the garbage as you get older. If you want to discover real life, live every moment for God.
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5/8/16 - Best Laid Plans 5/8/16 - Best Laid Plans Most of the time, our plans don't exactly go as planned. Maybe the question we need to ask is, "Are my plans trying to fulfill a perceived need, or are they drawing me closer to God?"
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5/1/16 - Living with the brevity of life 5/1/16 - Living with the brevity of life We all recognize that death comes to everyone. But too often, we don't take the brevity of life into account when making our decisions.
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4/24/16 - Out of Control 4/24/16 - Out of Control So many areas in our lives are not under our control, and it certainly doesn't seem fair. So how do we live in light of that? Where is real life when everything around us seems chaotic?
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4/17/16 - The Paths 4/17/16 - The Paths There are different paths that we can choose to follow through our lives. One draws us closer to God's heart, the others change the way we view the world. Learn from Solomon's mistakes!
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4/10/16 - Avoiding extremes 4/10/16 - Avoiding extremes We can pursue self-rigtheousness and think we're better than everyone. Or we can ignore righteousness altogether and become fools. Better to pursue Jesus.
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