Love In Action

6/18/17- Love is Simple 6/18/17- Love is Simple Putting love into action doesn't require a grand gesture or even a lot of planning. It just means paying attention to the needs in front of you and saying, "Yes."
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6/11/17- A New Name 6/11/17- A New Name John used to be a "Son of Thunder" but came to be known as "The Apostle of Love." What happens when Jesus changes your name?
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6/4/17- Guard your hearts 6/4/17- Guard your hearts Our faith is relational at its core. Because of this, like any relationship, we must guard its place in our hearts so that we will not chase after other things that will pull us away from this relationship.
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5/28/17- Breaking the control of sin 5/28/17- Breaking the control of sin We all struggle, we all fail, we all have sin in our lives that we are trying to keep under control. But it doesn't work. Sin controls us more than we control it. But, that's not the way it has to be.
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5/21/17- Prayer and Connection 5/21/17- Prayer and Connection Our confidence in prayer is directly connected to our intimacy with God.
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5/14/17- Trusting God 5/14/17- Trusting God We can trust the God who saves us.
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