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1/7/18 - Life or Stagnation 1/7/18 - Life or Stagnation What has God called you to do in 2018? Pastor Scott looks at the difference between a life-giving and a stagnant faith and calls The Grove to step into the greater story that God has called each one of us into.
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1/8/17 - Secure Foundations 1/8/17 - Secure Foundations Nothing of lasting value can be built without a strong, stable foundation. As we move forward in this new year, we must remember to care for the foundations of our lives.
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6/12/16 - Here is what's ahead... 6/12/16 - Here is what's ahead... We took some time as a church family to look ahead at the rest of this year and changes that we'd like to pursue.
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1/3/15- Embrace, Expand, and Bless 1/3/15- Embrace, Expand, and Bless When Israel went into exile, they thought they would be going home quickly. But God had other plans. Pastor Scott looks back over God's faithfulness through 2015 and looks ahead at what is coming in 2016.
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