11/22/15 - Personal Holiness 11/22/15 - Personal Holiness Holiness is being dedicated to God and set apart from sin and its influence.
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11/15/15 - Engaging with our Community 11/15/15 - Engaging with our Community Our culture and our community may not hold to the same beliefs we do. This can cause us to either withdraw completely or assimilate and pretend there's no difference at all. Pastor Scott explores a different option in this message.
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11/7/15 - Fighting Injustice 11/7/15 - Fighting Injustice The heart of God beats for justice, for showing mercy and compassion for those in need.
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11/1/15 - Stewardship 11/1/15 - Stewardship How we use the resources that God has given to us is meant to move us towards Christ.
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10/25/15 - The Future Church 10/25/15 - The Future Church Jesus loved kids. Whether we have kids, will have kids, have had kids or will never have kids, we have a responsibility to show Christ's love to the kids around us.
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10/18/15 - Resolving Conflict 10/18/15 - Resolving Conflict Resolving conflict becomes necessary if we are to love each other well.
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