Beautiful Pursuit

11/21/16 - Pursuing God by pursuing others 11/21/16 - Pursuing God by pursuing others Service to others is the physical manifestation of our internal change.
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11/27/16 - Conclusion 11/27/16 - Conclusion The goal was, is, and will always be God. We pursue Him, we draw close to Him through various ways. But the point of spiritual practices is never to complete a task, but to know God. It is a beautiful pursuit.
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11/13/16 - Led into Generosity 11/13/16 - Led into Generosity Using our resources for the glory of God is not something we're "guilted" into but it is something we are led into as we draw close to God.
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11/6/16 - God and Community 11/6/16 - God and Community We need each other. We need each other to be supported, to be accountable, and to strengthen one another.
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10/30/16 - What's Your Story? 10/30/16 - What's Your Story? Drawing close to God also involves our stories of grace and hope. When we look back at what God has done, we look forward to the hope of our future.
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10/23/16 - Prayer pt.2 10/23/16 - Prayer pt.2 If Jesus prayed that we would have an intimate relationship with the Father, that He would make us holy, and that we would be protected and unified, then we should be pursuing all of these in prayer as well.
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