God, eternally existing as three unified and equal persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, spoke all things in Heaven and Earth into existence.  He has revealed Himself to all peoples through His creation, through His son, Jesus Christ and through His inspired scriptures.  God, having created all things, continues to sustain all things.


Mankind, both male and female, were formed and breathed into existence by God for the purpose of sharing in the relationship of the Triune God.  Mankind is the only part of creation privileged to bear the image of its Creator. 

Mankind was given a choice at creation, to obey the word of the Creator and remain in relationship with Him, or to rebel and seek his own will.  Adam, the first man, chose to rebel and the seed of that rebellion is carried by all who came after him, proving over and over that mankind could not, on their own, reconcile the relationship with God that was lost.  This choice led to the damage and darkness that surrounds us today.


Because mankind could not reconcile himself to God, it was God's grace that would bring man back into that relationship.  The Son, being fully God, gave up his place of honor and was born of a virgin.  He lived as a man so that humanity could come to see the true heart of God towards them.  Because the natural outcome of a sinful life is death, Jesus took upon himself the death of all mankind, dying in our place so that we could live.  Because he never rebelled against God, his death was undeserving and sacrificial and satisfied the consequences of rebellion at the beginning of time.

When he had paid the penalty for our sin by his death, the Holy Spirit raised him back to life after three days.  After visiting many of his followers, Jesus once again returned to dwell with the Father.

The Church

The Church is the people who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who believe that his death and resurrection is the only way for our relationship with God to be restored.  It is those who believe that Christ literally died and was raised again and who believe that he will return.  Our purpose, individually and collectively, is to continue, by the power of the Holy Spirit who guides us, the work that Christ began in establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.  We, as the Church, are called to live our lives as Jesus lived his life, with care for the poor and needy and calling everyone back to the relationship with God that was lost in the beginning, until his return.  We have a ministry of reconciliation with the world and in our communities, a responsibility to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a means of establishing the Kingdom of God within whatever context we find ourselves.


We believe that Christ's first coming established the Kingdom of God.  Death was defeated by his resurrection and a way was made for mankind to become citizens of His Kingdom and live according to God's values.  But this Kingdom is not fully restored on earth.  Christ will come again and return the earth to the state of paradise that it was meant to be.  Those who have rejected Christ's lordship will be cast with Satan and his followers into Hell.  Those who have accepted Christ as their Lord will dwell with God in the way we were originally intended. 


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